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A GUI companion for AXIOME

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Axiometic is a simple GUI for creating .ax files for use with AXIOME. It guides the user through the creation of the configuration file, which can then be used to start an AXIOME analysis.


Coming soon


Installation is possible on Windows, Linux and Mac. Pre-built packages for all three platforms are coming soon.

Ubuntu Precise 12.04 (or other Linux distros)

The source can be downloaded in tarball format. As long as you have Python 2.6+, the GTK toolkit, and the PyGTK bindings installed (all included with Ubuntu), you can run the app by running the following commands:

 tar xvzf neufeld-axiometic-*.tar.gz
 cd neufeld-axiometic-*
 cd python-axiometic
 sudo python install

It can then be run with the command axiometic.


You must install Python and the PyGTK all-in-one package. The source code can be downloaded as a zip file. Once extracted, you can simply double-click the python_axiometic/ file to run the application.

Authors/Contact Information

Michael Hall <>